Double-Cut Bone-In Pork Chops on the Golden's Cast Iron Cooker

For these Double Cut, Bone-in Pork Chops, we pulled out all the punches. I reverse seared them, used our Tangy Vinegar sauce and topped it with an orange marmalade glaze. They were delicious!



  1. Remove bone-in loin from package and dry off moisture, cut 2" thick chops from bone-in loin if cutting on your own, if not, you already have your cut pork chops from your local butcher
  2. Apply binder to meat, in the video we used grape-seed oil 
  3. Season chops with a light layer of Heath Riles BBQ Everyday Rub on all sides
  4. Season chops with a heavy layer of Heath Riles BBQ Honey Chipotle Rub on all sides
  5. Let chops sit for about 20 mins while you get your grill ready
  6. Get Golden's Cast Iron cooker (or the grill of your choice) up to about 225° using Royal Oak Charcoal, remember to set up for a 2 zone fire to reverse sear
  7. Once your cooker is up to temp, add a piece of wood if you choose (we used hickory wood)
  8. Put chops on cooker, remember to put them on the cool side in order to get the smoke going before searing
  9. Flip chops after about 20-25 minutes or once they reach about 90° cook them for another 20-25 minutes until they reach 125°
  10. Make glaze, 1 cup of Heath Riles BBQ Tangy Vinegar sauce and 1 cup of orange marmalade, reduce down to form a glaze
  11. Once your chops are 120-125°, remove them and crank your fire up to 500-550° to sear them. 
  12. Glaze chops with sauce/marmalade reduction before putting back on grill.
  13. Put chops on to sear flipping after a couple of minutes to get your chops to an internal temp of 145-150°

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