Wagyu Reverse Seared Tri Tip on the Golden's Cast Iron Cooker




  1. Get grill up to temp of 250º-275º, we used Royal Oak Charcoal and Pecan Wood.
  2. Season Tri Tip with Heath Riles BBQ Simple Citrus Rub and allow to sit for approximately 20 minutes while grill comes up to temp.
  3. Season meat with Heath Riles BBQ Beef Rub before placing on the grill.
  4. Put Tri Tip on cooker with heat diverter in place and insert Thermoworks ChefAlarm (if you wish) into meat until internal temperature reaches 110º.
  5. Once internal temp is reached, remove heat diverter and crank up your fire to sear off the Tri Tip.
  6. Sear meat until an internal temperature of 125º is reached. Remove meat from heat and allow to rest before slicing.
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