Brisket Street Tacos

Brisket Tacos

Making Brisket Street Tacos

I’ve got several brisket recipes on my Youtube channel, and I always make a large amount to make sure I have leftovers. My Brisket Street Tacos are great for that leftover brisket.

The good thing about brisket is that it’s tender and tasty for several days after I cook it. There are lots of ways to use it in other meals, just like this one I’m getting ready to talk about. 

The Ingredients

I pulled my ingredients out of the fridge (and cabinet) to make sure I had everything. The star of this dish, or course, is my tender leftover brisket. 

Brisket tacos are versatile. They’re a fun spin on Taco Night, a perfect addition to tailgating, or a delicious appetizer during a party. 

Let’s build these tacos!

  • 4.5 inch corn tortillas. These are the smaller size tortillas. One is the perfect appetizer for appetizers, and 2 or 3 of them make a good-sized meal. 
  • Leftover Texas style brisket. I chopped up my meat fine to make it easier to add to the tortilla. 
  • Sliced avocado. This adds texture and taste to the taco. 
  • Cotija cheese. This type of cheese goes great on all types of tacos. 
  • Pickled red onions. I laid 2-3 decent-sized pieces of pickled onion on each of the tacos. 
  • Cilantro. No tacos are complete without some cilantro. I chopped mine up and put a big pinch on top of each street taco. Some people don’t like the taste of it, so leave it off if you’re not a fan. 
  • Malcom Reed’s Killer Hogs Hot sauce. This creates extra spice and taste. 
  • Cacique Crema Mexicana. I love adding this to my tacos. 

The Equipment Setup

We’re talking simple and quick here, folks. This leftover recipe is super easy and doesn’t require cooking or grilling. 

The Process for Making Leftover Brisket Street Tacos

I walk you through making these leftover brisket tacos in my Youtube video. The instructions are also at the bottom of this article. 

  • Lay out the tortillas. I laid my tortillas flat to get them ready for the rest of the ingredients. 
  • Add the leftover brisket. Pile a couple of pinches of meat onto each tortilla. 
  • Add the avocado. I laid one slice over the meat. 
  • Sprinkle the cheese. I covered the avocado with this shredded cheese. 
  • Add the onions and cilantro. . I took a little of both and placed them on top of the ingredients. 
  • Pour the hot sauce. Hot sauce brings the heat and sets the whole dish off. I dashed some of this hot sauce on each of my tacos. 
  • Top with Cacique Crema Mexicana. I poked a hole in the top of the container so it came out slowly. I didn’t want to drown my tacos! A few shakes across the top and my brisket street tacos were ready to eat. 
  • Fold and eat. Once you add all the ingredients, they’re ready to devour. Eat them immediately or put them in a storage container and take them to a party to impress your friends. 

The Results

Once I’d put everything together, I pushed the tortilla’s two sides together (I filled them a little too full) and took a big bite. The cilantro and red onion added spicy flavor, the Killer Hot Sauce brought the heat. The corn tortilla was soft and the leftover brisket was tender and juicy. I’m telling you, these ingredients had a party in my mouth. 

This is one of my easiest recipes and I recommend using it the next time you have some leftover brisket. 

Serving Suggestions for Brisket Street Tacos

One or two of these are perfect if you’re serving them as appetizers or finger foods at a party. If they’re going to be dinner, plan on three or four per person, depending on what you’re serving with them. 

Equipment and Tools

I didn’t use much of anything to make these tacos except my fingers. It’s helpful to have:

A butcher block (to lay out the tortillas on)

A small knife to chop up the cilantro and avocado

*Notes About My Leftover Brisket Street Tacos Recipe

  • I love cilantro, but if you don’t like it or don’t have any on hand, leave it off. These tacos will still be really good. 
  • Poke a hole in the top of your Cacique Crema Mexicana to keep too much of it from pouring out. You don’t need any more of this than a teaspoon per taco. 
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