Loaded Beef and Bean Dip on the PK Grill

Loaded Beef and Bean Dip on the PK Grill

Why have bean dip when you can have Loaded Beef and Bean Dip? This easy appetizer is full of the best things in life, like ground beef, cheese, and of course, the best seasonings around. If you like cheesy dips, you’ll adore my twist on a classic recipe. 

This dip features ground beef perfectly seasoned with Heath Riles BBQ Chicken Rub, spicy jalapeños, three kinds of cheese, and rich refried beans. This recipe is sure to be an instant favorite among friends and family. Serve it at your next Superbowl party, or treat the family to a fun afternoon snack. One thing is for sure; no one will be able to resist this Loaded Beef and Bean Dip

Appetizers are one of the easiest things to make on the grill. This decadent dip comes together in less than an hour! Fast recipes are lifesavers, especially when you’re entertaining a crowd. Less time spent cooking means more time spent debating who will win the big game. 

The Ingredients

This recipe doesn’t require any fancy ingredients. You may have most of these things in your pantry! You won’t use all of your seasonings, so be sure to save the remainder for the next great recipe. Here’s what you need to add to your shopping cart. 

  • Ground beef. Regular bean dip is great, but adding ground beef makes it extraordinary. Unlike frilly appetizers, this recipe fills you up. I used about a pound, but you can add more or less based on personal preference. 
  • Heath Riles BBQ Chicken Rub. I created this rub because I wanted something that would complement chicken, not overpower it. Don’t let the name fool you! You can use it on beef, pork, seafood, and appetizers. It has a fabulous blend of herbs that make anything pop. 
  • Jalapeños and onion. I combined the beef with a bit of jalapeño and onion to give the dip texture. I only used one jalapeño, and I took the seeds out. If you’re a real fire-breather, you can add more and keep the seeds in. Your kitchen, your rules! 
  • Cheese. To give the dip a full-bodied flavor, I used three different kinds of cheese. Monterey Jack and cheddar shreds are a classic in Tex-Mex food. I prefer freshly shredded cheese because it tastes better and melts evenly on the PK 360 Grill. I also added a block of softened cream cheese to give the Loaded Beef and Bean Dip richness. 
  • Refried beans. Refried beans are a fantastic dip base. They’re silky smooth and hold all the other ingredients together. Plus, it doesn’t get much easier than canned refried beans! 
  • Malcolm’s Grande Gringo Mexican Seasoning. My buddy Malcolm has come out with a great line of products, including this Mexican seasoning. It features cumin, paprika, salt, pepper, and tasty herbs. Use it on meat, in dips, or to rim your margarita glass. It’s a winner! 
  • Sour cream. This ingredient gives the Loaded Beef and Bean dip a little twang. I love sour cream in Tex-Mex food because it counteracts heat from the peppers. I also used sour cream as a garnish. 
  • Pico de gallo. Since this dip already has a lot of seasonings, I decided to keep my garnish simple. Pico de gallo is a fresh condiment that adds zest to any dip. You can find pico de gallo at your local grocery store or make your own. 

The Smoker Setup

Here’s the main equipment I used to make this Loaded Beef and Bean Dip. You can find more of my grilling must-haves in the Equipment and Tools section. 

  • Grill/Smoker. I used the PK 360 Grill for this cook. This setup grills and smokes with ease. This pit is cast aluminum, making it durable and able to hold its heat. I love the adjustable airflow, which makes melting cheese a cinch. 
  • Charcoal. I stoked the PK 360 Grill with Royal Oak Charcoal  and Royal Oak Tumbleweeds. This combination burns hot and fast. I use these pellets often with great results! Royal Oak Charcoal is an excellent brand of clean charcoal without any fillers. Once you try them, you’ll never be without a bag. 

The Process for Making

You can find a detailed demonstration of this recipe in the video and recipe card. Here’s a quick rundown of how I pulled this Loaded Beef and Bean Dip together. 

  • Fire up the PK 360 Grill. I stoked the PK 360 Grill with Royal Oak Charcoal  and a few Royal Oak Tumbleweeds. I fired up the grill and set my Lodge Cast Iron Skillet on to preheat for 5-8 minutes. This allows the ground beef to get a great sear on it. 
  • Cook the ground beef. I drizzled the skillet with olive oil and browned my ground beef. I sprinkled the meat with a little Heath Riles BBQ Chicken Rub to give it a burst of flavor. 
  • Add jalapeños. I added a little heat by incorporating a small diced jalapeño and ½ of a medium onion, diced. I shut the lid and let the meat, pepper, and onion cook down. 
  • Create the dip base. While the meat mixture cooked, I mixed the base of the dip. I combined 1 cup of Monterey Jack cheese, 1 cup of cheddar cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, refried beans, and Malcolm’s Grande Gringo Mexican Seasoning until smooth. 
  • Add beef. I removed the burger mixture from the PK 360 Grill and folded it into my bean dip base. 
  • Top and season. I poured the dip into the same Lodge Cast Iron Skillet I cooked the beef in and spread it evenly. Then, I topped the dip with the remaining Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese. To finish the Loaded Beef and Bean Dip, I came back with a little more of Malcolm’s Grande Gringo Mexican Seasoning
  • Cook and finish. I put the Loaded Beef and Bean Dip back on the grill for 20-25 minutes.  I removed the dip from the pit and topped it with pico de gallo and sour cream. The only thing left to do was dig in! 

The Results

The Loaded Beef and Bean Dip came off the grill with a gorgeous color. The combination of seasonings gave the dip the perfect balance of savory with a kick of heat. This recipe is a guaranteed winner! It doesn’t get much better than this, folks. 

Serving Suggestions for Loaded Beef and Bean Dip

I love serving my Loaded Beef and Bean Dip with tortilla chips. The “scoops” work best for this hearty appetizer. You can also use crackers or carrots. 

Storing Loaded Beef and Bean Dip

If you have leftovers, you can store them in the fridge for up to 5 days. I don’t recommend freezing this dip as the texture is too different when thawed. 

Equipment and Tools

Thermoworks Silicone Tools, Lodge Cast Iron SkilletLarge Glass Mixing Bow

Olive Oil Bottle DispenserSmall Glass Prep Bowls, Wooden Turner,

Royal Oak Charcoal 

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