Prime Rib Sliders On the Traeger Ironwood XL

Prime Rib Sliders On the Traeger Ironwood XL

Are you looking for a delicious, creative way to use leftover prime rib? I’ve got your back with these Prime Rib Sliders. They’re packed with thinly sliced medium-rare prime rib and rich provolone cheese. A homemade butter mixture and one of my best-selling rubs take this recipe to a whole new level!

These Prime Rib Sliders may be simple, but they’re definitely not boring. Try it for yourself! You’ll never look at leftovers the same way again. 

Prime Rib Sliders | Heath Riles BBQ

One of my favorite kitchen tools is a meat slicer. It helps you transform prime rib, roasts, and turkey into thin meat suitable for sandwiches. Of course, you can still enjoy this recipe without a meat slicer. Simply slice the prime rib using your sharpest knife. 

The Ingredients

This recipe uses basic ingredients, making it the perfect way to use leftovers. Here’s what you need to add to your shopping list. 

  • Butter. Butter is the basis of my basting mixture. It soaks into the Hawaiian rolls, giving them that perfect crisp bottom. You can use unsalted or salted butter. 
  • Grey Poupon mustard. A dash of mustard gives the basting mixture a great flavor and keeps things interesting. For this recipe, I chose Grey Poupon mustard, but you can use whatever you have on hand. 
  • Bear & Burton W Sauce - Fireshire. If you like your Worcestershire with a kick of heat, you’ll want to snag a bottle of this sauce. It was invented by my good buddies and is the perfect companion to burgers, brats, casseroles, and more. 
  • Prime rib. There’s nothing better than an excellent prime rib, especially if you have leftovers. Need a delicious prime rib recipe? Check out this list! 
  • Hawaiian rolls. Everyone knows the best slider recipes use Hawaiian rolls. They’re the perfect combination of sweet, fluffy, and decadent. Plus, they hold up, even with lots of slider filling. 
  • French fried onions. A little French fried onions give the sliders a delicious crunch. If you love the taste of sauteed onions but don’t want all the work, try this hack. 
    • Heath Riles BBQ Garlic Butter Rub. This tasty rub contains multiple notes of garlic and just a taste of heat. It goes great with chicken, scrambled eggs, veggies, pork, and popcorn! Once you try it, you’ll never want to run out. 

      The Smoker Setup

      Here’s the main equipment I used for this recipe. More of my grilling favorites are in the Equipment and Tools section. 

      • Pellet grill/smoker. I cooked these Prime Rib Sliders on the Traeger Ironwood XL. This pit is incredible because you can use it to grill or smoke. The Traeger Ironwood XL has many excellent features, like a pellet sensor, a super smoke button, and easy transportation. 

      You can’t go wrong with the Traeger Ironwood XL if you cook large quantities of food. It’s roomy without taking up your entire patio. Plus, it’s ultra-durable, lasting for years!

      • Pellets. I stoked the pit with Royal Oak Charcoal Hardwood Pellets. I love this brand because you get clean smoke with no fillers. It gives the sliders a rich, deep flavor that tastes authentic. 

      The Process for Making Prime Rib Sliders

      You can find a detailed demonstration of this recipe in the video and recipe card. Here’s a quick rundown of how I pulled these Prime Rib Sliders together. 

      • Fire up the grill. I stoked the Traeger Ironwood XL with Royal Oak Charcoal Hardwood Pellets and fired it up to 325℉.
      • Make the glaze. To make the glaze for the sandwiches, I placed the butter, mustard, Bear & Burton W Sauce - Fireshire in a small cast iron pan, then set it on the grill to warm. 
      • Carve the meat. I used my meat slicer to carve the prime rib into paper-thin pieces. You can use a sharp knife if you don’t have a meat slicer. 
      • Assemble the sliders. To assemble the Prime Rib Sliders, I laid the bottom half of the Hawaiian rolls in a large aluminum pan. Then, I layered on half the provolone cheese and prime rib slices. I topped the filling with French fried onions and the rest of the provolone, then added the top half of the Hawaiian rolls. To finish the Prime Rib Sliders, I poured the butter mixture over the top and added a dash of Heath Riles BBQ Garlic Butter Rub
      • Start cooking. I covered the Prime Rib Sliders with tin foil, then cooked them on the Traeger Ironwood XL for 20 minutes, then removed the foil and let them cook for another 20 minutes. The only thing left was to pull the dish off the pit and let it cool before digging in. 

      The Results

      My Prime Rib Sliders were better than any restaurant entree. The medium-rare prime rib paired perfectly with the gooey provolone cheese. A pop of mustard and a dash of Bear & Burton W Sauce - Fireshire were the cherry on top!

      Storing Leftovers

      You can store leftover Prime Rib Sliders in the fridge for up to 4 days. You can also assemble the sandwiches and then freeze them to cook later. Don’t add the butter mixture, or your buns will get soggy!

      Equipment and Tools

      Traeger Ironwood XL, Royal Oak Charcoal Hardwood Pellets, disposable cutting board, ThermoWorks Hi-Temp Silicone Brush, heavy-duty aluminum pan, cast iron pan, meat slicer.  

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