The Ultimate Rib Guide: How to Make Award Winning Ribs

Let's face it, cooking ribs is hard. Here's our award winning recipe along with step-by-step instructions to achieve the absolute best flavors!

This recipe has been viewed almost 5 million times on YouTube. You just can't beat it.

What You'll Need:

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 Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Apply a binder directly on the ribs (we use mustard)

Step 2: Apply a light layer of Garlic Jalapeno Rub

Step 3: Apply a medium coat of Pecan Rub

Step 4: Apply a medium coat of Honey Rub

Step 5: Press it all in with your hands, same treatment on the other side

Step 6: Let the ribs sweat a little bit (for at least 15 minutes) 

Step 7: Add your charcoal to the grill (we used a Masterbuilt 560, with a charcoal feed hopper for this recipe), but as long as you bring the grill up to 275°, you're good

Step 8: Put on the ribs, bunch them up, however you sit the rib is how it's going to cook (more meat in between the bones the better!) and set your temp

Step 9: Let them cook for about 2 hours - 2.5 hours, the best way to check if they are done is what we call a "smear test" - if you can take your finger and wipe the rib (and nothing comes off), it's probably ready to go

Optional Step: Grab a cold beer and get ready for flavor!

Step 10: Lay two pieces of foil down and lightly layer some Honey Rub 

Step 11: Mix the Butter Bath & Wrap with some apple juice and pour over the racks of ribs (3/4 of a cup per rack of rib)

Step 12: Place back on the grill at 275° and get ready to check in about an hour. This is where your meat thermometer will come in handy - we're going to be checking for tenderness also.

Step 13: Mix the sauces for the perfect glaze, mixing 2 parts Sweet BBQ Sauce (8 oz) / 1 part Tangy Vinegar Sauce (4 oz) - depending on how you like it, you can also add some honey for sweetness

Step 14: Using your meat thermometer, check to see if the ribs are reading at around 206° - 208° 

Step 15: When you've hit your temps, take off the grill, unwrap the racks and drain some of the excess Butter Bath off the back

Step 16: Take a little of your Sweet BBQ Rub and apply to the ribs (both sides)

Step 17: Apply the glaze mixture you mixed up earlier (both sides)

Step 18: Put them back on the smoker for at least 15 more minutes

Step 19: Get your side dishes ready! We cooked some green beans with roasted almonds and potato salad mixed with our Garlic Butter rub

Step 20: Take off the grill when the timer is up, cut to how you'd like to serve and enjoy!

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