Wagyu Sirloin Recipe Using Goldens' Cast Iron Cooker

Wagyu Sirloin Recipe Using Goldens' Cast Iron Cooker

Sometimes I just want a simple, great-tasting steak. That’s what I’m making today. I picked up a couple Wagyu top sirloins and will be using just a few ingredients to season them before throwing them on my Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker. Follow along to learn how to make this simple steak recipe!

Making Wagyu Top Sirloin on My Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker

I wanted a delicious steak, so I bought a Wagyu top sirloin to grill up with just a few seasonings. You can make this on a night when you need dinner fast and don’t have anything planned, or grill it up for a crowd on the weekend. It’s a simple recipe that still makes for a mouthwatering meal. 

The Ingredients

I didn’t spend much time thinking up these ingredients. I kept this recipe real easy and straightforward. 

  • Wagyu top sirloin. I picked these up at Kroger. 
  • Duck fat spray. This is a great binder for steak. 
  • Heath Riles BBQ Garlic Jalapeño Rub. This is my go to rub and just cannot be beat if you want to add some savory garlic flavor and a kick of jalapeno to any meat. 
  • Salt. It’s a fantastic finishing touch that wakes up the flavor. 

The Equipment Setup

My Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker preheated to a sizzling 500 degrees F and created a 2-zone fire with Royal Oak Charcoal and Royal Oak Tumbleweeds

The Process for Making Wagyu Top Sirloin

I shot a video of me making this recipe. It’s on my Youtube channel if you want to watch the step-by-step process. 

  • Preheat the cooker. I set my cooker on 500 degrees F to get good and hot for these steaks. 
  • Set up the steak. I unpackaged my two sirloins and laid them out on a pan. They had a little marbling, but they’re sirloin, so they don’t have too much fat on them. These are smaller steaks than I normally buy from my butcher. 
  • Spray on the binder. I used a little bit of duck fat spray on both sides of the steak as a binder. This gives it a little bit of moisture to the steak’s surface and helps the dry seasonings stick on it better during cooking. 
  • Season it up. I grabbed my favorite go-to, my Garlic Jalapeño rub, and put a good coating on both sides of the sirloin. This rub is so good and you never have to worry about it getting too hot, because there’s just a hint of jalapeño for a delicious flavor. It’s not overpowering at all. 
  • Let them sweat. The seasoning needs a bit of time to soak down into the meat, so I left the steaks to sweat a few minutes while I checked my cooker. 
  • Spray the grill grates. I sprayed the duck fat spray directly onto the grill grates. There was a jump in the flames, so, if you make this recipe, make sure you use caution during this step. 
  • Grill the steaks. Using metal tongs, I placed both Wagyu sirloins directly on the grates to cook. Now, I’m not leaving the steaks for long, because the hot temps will burn them up. I turned them about every minute or so. As I turned them, they started getting crossmarks on them, which is nothing but flavor. 
  • Move to the cool zone. After turning them several times, the steaks were where I wanted them to be, which was an internal temp of about 110 degrees F. I used the metal tongs to move them to the cool zone side of the grill. I closed the lid, letting them slowly come on up to a temperature of around 120 degrees F. 
  • Remove the steaks. These steaks were hitting about medium rare, so I took them off the grill, laid them on a pan, covered them with foil, and let them rest for about 10 minutes. They looked perfect!
  • Cut and serve. I sliced the Wagyu sirloins up into quarter-inch thick pieces and sprinkled them with a pinch of salt

The Results

When I cut into these steaks they were a perfect medium rare. They sliced like butter and were so juicy. And the first bite, woo! It was tender, juicy, and bursting with flavor. The rub really made the taste stand out, and the cooker added the smoke that made this dish a winner. I’ll be back to Kroger to buy some more of these beauties!

Serving Suggestions for Wagyu Top Sirloin

One steak per person is a good plan. You can serve it with mashed or baked potatoes, asparagus, or the vegetable of your choice. 

Storing It

If you have some steak leftover, slice it up and add it to a ziplock baggie. Store it in the fridge for up to 3 days. These slices make a fantastic sandwich, are good on top of salads, or in a taco. 

Equipment Tools

Royal Oak CharcoalRoyal Oak TumbleweedsMisen Chef Knife Metal panMetal tongsBlack GlovesCutting Board YETI Rambler 30oz Tumbler, Thermapen Mk4 

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