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Heath has been grilling since his first chance to participate in a local competition BBQ team when he was 18 in Ashland, Mississippi. Since then, he’s established himself as an industry leading expert in both competition BBQ and grilling.
The title of pit-master doesn't quite sum up everything Heath has cooking. Heath is also the create of an award-winning line of BBQ rubs, sauces, marinades and injections…dropping the jaws of even the biggest skeptics of BBQ products and competition when they taste what he’s got on the grill.


Now, he’s sharing mouth-watering recipes and techniques as he walks through how to use his rubs and sauces to take your food to the next level. Shop his award-winning rubs and sauces, and find recipes and videos.

From Don Moody and the rest of the Tippah Bottom Hug Rustlers who gave him his start, to Pit-master Pat Burke, Heath has fired up the grill alongside some of the greatest minds in BBQ. But Heath gives the most credit to his wife, Candace, who has supported him through a career challenged with countless miles of travel and work days where sleep is only a luxury.
Over the years, Heath’s been recognized by the Memphis BBQ Network, the Kansas City BBQ Society, and the Steak Cook-Off Association for mastering various cooking styles. All the while racking up 70+ championships and multiple perfect scores and awards in various competitions.