2024 Smokin Brothers When Pigs Fly Indoor BBQ Bash Recap

2024 Smokin Brothers When Pigs Fly Indoor BBQ Bash Recap

One of the best parts about my job (aside from all the tasty BBQ!) is having the opportunity to give back. This January, I was honored to participate in Smokin Brother’s When Pigs Fly Indoor BBQ Bash. When Pigs Fly is the world’s largest indoor BBQ competition, attended by some of the top names in the BBQ business. This year, the event was attended by Myron Mixon, Mathew Griner, Josh DeWitt, and Jeremy Williams, just to name a few.
This extraordinary competition benefits Badges Give Back, a non-profit consisting of first responders. First responders give enough to their community, but these guys go above and beyond the call of duty. Their non-profit renovates playgrounds, educates children on safety issues, and creates better connections between first responders and their community. It’s a great cause that’s well worth investing in! 

The When Pigs Fly Indoor BBQ Bash is a 1-day event featuring some of the most seasoned pitmasters from around the country. The indoor environment makes making new friends and connecting with old buddies easy. I always say, “Great BBQ connects us all!” There’s always something new to learn, and this is the place to do it. 

This short recap will give you a taste of what I experienced this year. I hope it inspires you to get out there and attend a BBQ event in your area! 

When Pigs Fly Indoor BBQ Bash 101

Four years ago, Smokin Brothers held the first  When Pigs Fly Indoor BBQ Bash, and it’s continued to grow ever since. The event is held at the Show Me Center in Southeast Missouri State Campus in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. As you can imagine, this large venue is perfect for housing pitmasters and all their equipment!

The temperature is cozy, and the air is filled with delicious aromas, set off by the sound of laughter and friendly competition. What could be better?

When Pigs Fly Indoor BBQ Bash is unique in that it’s open to the public and includes sampling at ALL tables. If you’re looking for a chance to get your food in front of many mouths, here’s your shot! The event is focused on creating connections, so you’ll find plenty of cooking demos, games, and even a live band or two. 

Where other competitions will let you choose your teammates, When Pigs Fly randomly pairs you up with another team, allowing you to learn from another pro and bond over tasty barbeque. 

The Smokin Brothers put a lot of hard work into planning this event, and all their efforts paid off. This year’s When Pigs Fly Indoor BBQ Bash raised over $10,000 for Badges Give Back!

The Competiton Results

Heath Riles BBQ and our teammates Smokin’ Thighs and Savin’ Lives came in first place! As always, I couldn’t have done it without my wife and teammates. The girls from Smokin’ Thighs and Savin’ Lives worked hard to create a great spread, and Team Heath Riles BBQ was there to provide moral support, a helping hand, and plenty of camera footage. 

I’d also like to thank my sponsors, YETI and King’s Hawaiian. YETI is my top choice for high-quality coolers, drinkware, and cast iron skillets. If you want to see my favorite YETI products, check out this post. 

If you’re looking for a soft, pillowy roll, you can't go wrong with King’s Hawaiian Rolls. These rolls have the perfect balance of sweet and savory, making them the ideal addition to any slider. They can also hold the weight of meat, cheese, and other toppings. Who wants a slider that falls apart? Not me! I recommend King’s Hawaiian Rolls for all your deli needs. 

Heath’s Highlights

I can’t wait to return to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, for the 5th annual When Pigs Fly Indoor BBQ Bash. Here are a few of my highlights. 

  • I had an opportunity to use my platform to positively influence others. There’s nothing better than giving back, and I was blessed to donate Heath Riles BBQ products and plenty of samples. 
  • I loved introducing attendees to Heath Riles BBQ Seasonings and Sauces. It was great to see people’s reactions to my products! I loved showing them how Heath Riles BBQ ingredients can enhance their culinary adventures and make them feel like champions.
  • I had a blast with my wife, friends, and coworkers. It’s always a good time when we hit the road. The Southeast Missouri State Campus was a warm environment filled with people eager to learn. It was wonderful to meet other teams who share my love of good food. 
  • The competition was like one big party, complete with rousing music, games, and even a steak cookoff! The Calcutta auction kept the energy high, with Team Heath Riles BBQ ending up the highest-picked team at $750!
  • I was able to share so many delicious recipes with other competitors and attendees. Smokin’ Thighs and Savin’ Lives and Team Heath Riles BBQ cooked pulled pork and chicken sliders with our favorite King’s Hawaiian rolls. We also made flank steak tacos, and our good buddy Jake made BBQ glazed pork meatballs with a homemade remoulade sauce. 

I’d love to see you at the 5th annual Smokin Brothers When Pigs Fly Indoor BBQ Bash. To learn more information or submit your application, click here. To learn more about Smokin Brothers grills, pit accessories, and gear, click here

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