Heath’s Top 5 YETI Products: Perfect for Gifts or Treating Yourself!

Heath’s Top 5 YETI Products: Perfect for Gifts or Treating Yourself!

One of the top questions I get is, “Which YETI products do you recommend?” While it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 YETI products. Whether you’re looking for backpacks or coolers, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye. 

I’ve been a fan of YETI for years, and they continue to win my trust with each new product. I own a wide variety of items, from skillets to tumblers, and I would recommend their products to anyone. I use them in the backyard and on the circuit with great success! Without further ado, here are my top 5 YETI products. 

Heath’s Top 5 YETI Products

Any YETI product is a winner, but you’ll feel on top of the world with one of my top 5 recommendations. If you’re looking for an incredible gift for the man in your life, any of these products will make him smile.

YETI brings out the adventurer in all of us, inspiring us to make memories with those we love. Investing in one of their coolers, water bottles, or backpacks is a great way to get your family to try new things like boating, hiking, or hunting.  Let me know which YETI product is your favorite in the comments!

#1. YETI Roadie 48 Wheeled Cooler

If you’ve got an adventurous side, you’ll love YETI’s Roadie 48 Cooler. It fits up to 76 cans OR 54 pounds of ice, making it the perfect addition to any tailgating event or campout. You can also use it to keep your meat and other foods fresh while on the go. Consider this the man’s version of a picnic basket! If you like collector’s items, you’ll adore YETI’s color selections, such as Cosmic Lilac and Camp Green. 

This cooler includes a retractable handle for easy transportation and non-stick feet to keep it steady on rocky boating trips. Like all of YETI’s products, the Roadie 48 Cooler is built tough because life is meant for taking risks! Guaranteed, this cooler will be your new favorite road trip buddy. Bonus: The YETI Roadie 48 Cooler won’t take over the tunes or be a backseat driver!

#2. YETI Hopper Flip 18 Soft Cooler

If soft coolers are your jam, you’ll want to try YETI’s Hopper Flip 18 Soft Cooler. This cooler holds a big lunch and a six-pack of soda or beer, giving you the fixings for a perfect day. This is a great product to take camping, fishing, to the beach, or hunting. Its soft exterior makes it comfortable to carry, while its leak-proof interior keeps food and beverages safe and dry. 

Many soft coolers can be a pain to clean, but this one requires just a little soap and water. Plus, it’s mildew resistant, keeping your gorgeous interior sparkling and germ-free. The Hopper Flip 18 can hold 30 cans, making you the most popular guy around. 

#3. YETI Crossroads 35L Backpack

Every man (and woman) needs a sturdy backpack, and it doesn’t get any better than the YETI Crossroads 35L Backpack. Whether hiking or catching a flight, you can rest assured that your items are safely nestled in style. With foam straps and a no-pressure back panel, you can haul gear without lingering pain. 

This backpack comes in YETI’s core colors and some sweet limited edition shades. It also includes a luggage pass-thru sleeve to hook your backpack to your rolling suitcase. The YETI Crossroads 35L Backpack is water-proof and abrasion-resistant, made with material inspired by tough-as-nails motorcycle gear. With clamshell access, you’ll be able to get to your stuff with ease. 

This one-of-a-kind backpack would make a great gift for any hiker, fisherman, hunter, or jet-setter. 

#4. YETI Rambler 26 Ounce Water Bottle

Can’t get enough water bottles with straws? Level up with the YETI Rambler 26 Ounce Water Bottle. With a leak-resistant cap, this water bottle can take you anywhere from the beach to the mountains. In typical YETI fashion, the YETI Rambler 26 Ounce Water Bottle includes their signature double-wall insulation, keeping your beverages ice cold. 

Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, making your life a little easier. We all know the importance of drinking water, and now, you can have fun while getting hydrated. Unlike other water bottles, the YETI Rambler 26 Ounce Water Bottle is puncture-resistant and will last years. With a rainbow selection of colors, you can choose your vibe. I can honestly say this is the only water bottle you’ll ever need!

#5. YETI Rambler 12 Ounce Colster Can Cooler

This YETI Rambler 12 Ounce Colster Can Cooler is a must-have for the big game, camping, or guys’ night. It’s like a koozie on steroids! This is YETI’s latest can cooler design, and it’s better than ever. This can cooler would be a great gift for coworkers/employees, as you can customize it with your logo! If 12-ounce can coolers aren’t your style, you can always switch it up with a 12-ounce slim or 16-ounce tall design. 

Other stainless steel can coolers tend to tarnish over time, but the YETI Rambler 12 Ounce Colster Can Cooler is rust-resistant. YETI’s no-sweat design keeps your hands dry; a must when prepping food or baiting a hook. Bonus: The YETI Rambler 12 Ounce Colster Can Cooler fits most cupholders, making it the ideal companion for any escapade. 

What YETI products would you add to this list?

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