Classic Bliss: All-American Burger Sauce, Elevate Your Burger Game!

Classic Bliss: All-American Burger Sauce, Elevate Your Burger Game!

Are you looking for a simple, fool-proof way to elevate your Summer burgers? Whip up a batch of my All American Burger Sauce! This delicious condiment comes together in less than five minutes and uses everyday ingredients. If you’ve never made burger sauce from scratch, you’re in for a treat. It makes ketchup and mustard seem like an afterthought! 

Plenty of bottled burger sauces are on the market, but nothing beats this homemade All American Sauce. This recipe is just as easy as grabbing a bottle off the shelf! Once you try a burger topped with All American Sauce, you’ll never want one any other way. 

All American Burger Sauce | Heath Riles BBQ

One of the best parts of a fast food burger is that unforgettable sauce. With my All American Burger Sauce, you can enjoy your own version anytime! If you can scramble an egg, you can make a batch of All American Burger Sauce.  There are so many delicious ways to use this recipe. You can add a dollop to your brats, dip fish sticks, or thin it and use it as a salad dressing. The possibilities are endless! 

The Ingredients

My All American Burger Sauce requires just six simple ingredients. You have most of them in your pantry right now! Keep in mind that you’ll have leftover Bear & Burtons W Sauce and Heath Riles BBQ Everyday Rub for the next mouth-watering recipe. 

  • Diced pickles. The best burgers, in my opinion, have lots of pickles. Diced pickles add texture to the sauce without overpowering it. You can use dill, sweet, bread and butter, or spicy pickles. Use pickles made from zucchini or cucumbers; the choice is yours. Customize this ingredient to fit your unique taste! 
  • Mayonnaise.`This sauce is mayonnaise based, giving it a silky-smooth feel. Mayonnaise is a fabulous ingredient for sauces, as it has a mild flavor that meshes well with anything! Mayonnaise is one of my favorite burger condiments, so you can bet this sauce was what my dreams are made of! 
  • Mustard. A little mustard adds zest to the sauce and gives it a gorgeous golden color. I recommend using a smooth mustard, like French’s, for best results. If you prefer a more robust mustard flavor, go with Dijon. 
  • Ketchup. Ketchup and burgers are a classic combination that can’t be beaten. You can bet I added ketchup to this All American Burger Sauce! Ketchup gives the sauce a hint of sweetness and a slight acidity. 
  • Bear & Burtons W Sauce. Worcestershire sauce infuses the All America Burger Sauce with smoky goodness. This sauce comes from my good friends and is based on a family recipe. The reviews say it all; W sauce is the best, hands down! Try a bottle and see for yourself. 
    • Heath Riles BBQ Everyday Rub. Forget the salt and pepper shakers; it’s time for something new! Jazz up your life with this delicious AP rub. It contains a mixture of garlic, pepper, and salt. I use it on french fries, burgers, veggies, popcorn, and more! 

    The Process for Making All American Burger Sauce

    You can find an in-depth demonstration of this recipe in the video and recipe card. Here’s a brief overview of how this flavorful All American Burger Sauce came together. 

    • Dice the pickles. The first thing I did was finely dice some pickles. This gives every bite of sauce the perfect hint of twang. If you prefer a smoother sauce, pulse the pickles until they’re almost pureed. 
    • Mix the sauce. In a small mixing bowl, I combined the diced pickles, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, Bear & Burtons W Sauce, and a sprinkle of Heath Riles BBQ Everyday Rub until homogenous. The only thing left to do was dig in.  I dare you not to eat this sauce straight from the bowl! 

    The Results

    My All American Burger Sauce turned out rich, creamy, and full of flavor. It was the perfect addition to my Cheeseburger Hoagies. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop, I’ve got you covered! This All American Burger Sauce eliminated the need for ketchup or mustard. 

    Serving Suggestions for All American Burger Sauce

    Use All American Burger Sauce to top your Cheeseburger Hoagies or as a french fry or chicken nugget dip. 

    Storing Leftovers

    Because my All American Burger Sauce includes mayonnaise, I don’t recommend leaving it at room temperature. You can, however, store it in the fridge, covered, for up to a week. I don’t recommend freezing the sauce, as the texture isn’t the same. 

    Equipment and Tools

    Mixing bowls, ThermoWorks Hi-Temp Silicone Spatula, Victronix Pro Chef's Knife.

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