Australian Wagyu NY Strip Recipe on the PK Grill

Australian Wagyu NY Strip Recipe on the PK Grill

I’ve rarely ever met a cut of steak that I didn’t like, and the NY strip is right up there on my list of favorites. I decided to grill up a delicious Australian Wagyu NY Strip from The Butcher Shoppe using my PK Grill. It’s going to be mouthwatering!

Making Australian Wagyu NY Strip

NY Strip is a wonderful steak to grill, with its marbled fat and thick cut. I’m keeping this steak recipe simple and quick, with just a few ingredients. After all, Wagyu NY Strip is already tasty and juicy, I’m just adding a little flavor, smoke, and tenderness. 

The Ingredients

  • Australian Wagyu NY Strip. This cut came from my good friend Kevin Green at The Butcher Shoppe in Florida.
  • Olive oil. I like adding some savory moisture to my steak, plus it’s a great binder for the spices. 
  • Heath Riles Everyday Rub. Salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, and a few other ingredients make this rub my go-to over regular salt-and-pepper shakers. 
  • Heath Riles Beef Rub. Its savory, smoky ingredients amp up the flavor profile on any meat, not just beef!
  • Sea salt. A pinch or two of this is a perfect finishing touch on steak. 
  • Fresh cracked black pepper. Peppery notes add a ton of taste to steak. 

The Equipment Setup

Using Royal Oak Charcoal, I preheated my PK 360 Grill and set it up with a 2-zone fire. 

The Process for Making My Australian Wagyu NY Strip

I shot a video of this recipe and uploaded it to my Youtube channel. Head over there now if you want to watch it. 

  • Unpack the NY stripBoy, this steak is a beast! It was thick and the marbling was beautiful. I dried it off and laid it on a plate. I didn’t trim anything off this steak.
  • Add some olive oil. Drizzling some olive oil on all sides of the steak gives the outer layers a binder that holds the spices on while everything’s cooking. I used my hand to rub it in a little.
  • Spice it up. Taking my Everyday Rub, I sprinkled a good layer all over the top, bottom, and sides of the NY Strip. I followed it up with a light layer of my Beef Rub, just to give the meat another kick of taste. Finally, I finished it off with a few pinches of sea salt and fresh ground black pepper, mashing it into the steak as I went.
  • Let it sweat. I left the oiled, spiced NY Strip on a plate to sweat and absorb all the herbs and spices for about 10 minutes.
  • Put it on the grill. Not wanting my steak to burn (that would break my heart), I went ahead and put a probe into it to keep track of the temperature. I placed my steak on the cool side of my grill and closed the lid.
  • Check it and move it. After about 40 minutes, the  NY Strip hit about 100 degrees F, which was the temp I was going for. It was looking good, so I moved it to the hot-zone of the grill to sear. I kept turning the steak until it was seared, then moved it back to the cool zone to finish off.
  • Let it rest. Once the steak got to about 130 degrees F internally, I pulled it off the grill and let it rest for about 15 minutes.
  • Slice it up. Using a sharp knife, I cut into the NY Strip. It cut like butter and looked beautiful, juicy, and deep pink. 

The Results

Folks, it’s a real showstopper. Absolutely full of savory, smoky, steaky flavor. It was tender and juicy, and the spices added a whole other depth of taste. This one is a big, big winner. 

Serving Suggestions for Australian Wagyu NY Strip

I typically plan on 6-8 ounces of NY Strip with sides like (in my video) asparagus or a baked potato. 

Storing It

Let it cool and store it in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days. Make a sandwich or some tacos out of the leftovers for another delicious meal. 

Equipment and Tools

PK GrillRoyal Oak Charcoal, ChefAlarm, Black nitrile gloves, Metal tongs, Sharp knife, Aluminum pan

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