Royal Red Shrimp Recipe on the Golden's Cast Iron Cooker

Royal Red Shrimp Recipe on the Golden's Cast Iron Cooker

I got some fresh shrimp from my buddy Brad from the Butcher Block in Southaven Mississippi. I kept this recipe easy and simple, but still used flavors that made this dish an instant favorite. 

Making Royal Red Shrimp

Sometimes I like to lighten things up a little bit, and making shrimp is a great way to do it. Today’s recipe uses spice and the smokiness from cooking on my Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker to create a shrimp dish that’s full of flavor and sure to satisfy. Plus, it’s easy peasy to make. You can’t beat that!

The Ingredients

  • Royal Red Shrimp. I got these fresh shrimp from the folks down at The Butcher Block. 
  • Lime juice. The citrus from the lime adds a bit of zesty flavor to the shrimp as it cooks. 
  • Heath Riles BBQ Simple Citrus Rub. Lemon, citrus, and onion powder combine to make this rub a tasty addition to fish and seafood. 
  •  Heath Riles BBQ Honey Chipotle Rub. Honey adds a savory element, and high quality chipotle peppers bring some tasty heat. 

The Equipment Setup

I cooked these shrimp on my Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker preheated to 400 degrees F with Royal Oak Lump Charcoal

The Process for Making My Royal Red Shrimp Recipe

I shot a video of me making this recipe. If you’d like to follow along with it, head over to my Youtube channel

  • Skewer the shrimpSkewers make it easy to turn the shrimp once they start to cook. Shrimp cook fast, and I definitely didn’t want to overcook them and cause them to be rubbery. I made two skewers full of shrimp (but you can make as many as you want). 
  • Add a squeeze of limeI squeezed the juice from half a lime onto each skewer.
  • Sprinkle on the spicesFirst up was my Simple Citrus Rub, which adds a citrus, flavorful layer to the shrimp. I laid down a light base on the shrimp. Then I went back over both skewers with my Honey Chipotle Rub for some sweetness and a pop of bold, spicy flavor. This rub also adds a beautiful color to the shrimp. I repeated the process on the other side. 
  • Lay ‘em on the grillI placed my shrimp skewers directly on my Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker grates. This is not going to take long, folks, so I kept a close eye on them and turned them a few times. Each side got about 3 minutes of cooking time. 
  • Remove from the heatAfter about 6 minutes, I pulled my shrimp off the grill. 
  • Top and tasteI laid the skewers on my cutting board. squeezed a little more fresh lime juice over them, and sprinkled them with just a tiny bit of my Simple Citrus Rub. Now it’s time to see how they taste. 

The Results

They turned out perfect! They were cooked exactly like I wanted them to be, and the spices added a citrus-y pop of flavor with a hint of heat. 

Serving Suggestions for My Royal Red Shrimp Recipe

If you’re using them as an entree, I recommend one skewer per person. I dined on these with rice and steamed vegetables. However, if you’re making them for an appetizer, I’d plan on 4-6 per person. 

Storing It

Let any leftovers cool down and store them in either a ziplock bag or airtight container in the fridge for two days. These go great on salads or in tacos. 

Equipment and Tools

Goldens’ Cast Iron CookerRoyal Oak Lump CharcoalStainless Steel Skewers Stone + Wood Cutting Boards

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