The Best Spicy Cajun Chicken Sandwich on the Goldens' Cast Iron | Heath Riles BBQ

The Best Spicy Cajun Chicken Sandwich on the Goldens' Cast Iron | Heath Riles BBQ

Chicken is my go-to a lot when I’m cooking for my family or a crowd. Most people like eating chicken and it’s a meat you can use in a variety of ways. Today, I’ve decided to spice my chicken up with some vivacious spices and a killer sauce. This Spicy Cajun Chicken Sandwich recipe is so good you’ll be making it again and again. 

Making My Spicy Cajun Chicken Sandwich on the Goldens’ Cast Iron

I consider myself a chicken sandwich connoisseur. This grilled chicken sandwich is the real deal! It’s delicious and easy to make.Everybody’s mouth will water over this sandwich, from your family and friends to your co-workers. This recipe is a must-try for your next family gathering.

The Ingredients

  • Boneless chicken breasts. I bought them fresh, but you can also thaw them out from your freezer. 
  • Killer Hogs Hot Sauce. Packed with taste and heat, this sauce works great as a binder. 
  • Malcolm’s King Craw Cajun Seasoning. Malcolm’s never met a meat he can’t jazz up. This seasoning proves he knows what he’s doing. 
  • Heath Riles BBQ Cajun Creole Garlic Butter Rub. This rub gives every cook a way to bring New Orleans flavors into their kitchen. 
  • Mayonnaise. This is the base for my hot and spicy cajun mayonnaise. 
  • Sandwich buns. I like thick buns, but you can use any type you like. 
  • Tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes are a perfect garnish to these sandwiches. 
  • Lettuce. Crispy lettuce adds a little crunch to every bite. Plus, it makes everyone feel like they’re eating something healthy. 
  • Pepper Jack cheese. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with spicy cheese on a spicy sandwich. 

The Equipment Setup

I used my Goldens’ Cast Iron set to 500 degrees F with Royal Oak Lump Charcoal and tumbleweeds

The Process for Making My Best Spicy Cajun Chicken Sandwich on the Goldens’ Cast Iron

If you want to watch me make this chicken sandwich recipe, you can follow it step-by-step on my recent Youtube video. Here’s how it went:

  • Heat up the grill. I fired my Goldens’ Cast Iron up to 500 degrees F so it’d be ready when the chicken was seasoned. 
  • Get the chicken ready. I laid the breasts out on a pan, put on some gloves, and butterflyed each one with a sharp knife. Fileting them like this gave me more surface to season. 
  • Season the chicken. Using Killer Hogs Hot Sauce as a binder, I doused each breast and rubbed it into the meat. This is a great base for every spicy chicken recipe. Then I sprinkled a light layer of Malcolm’s King Craw Cajun Seasoning on top of the hot sauce. I broke out my Cajun Creole Garlic Butter Rub to top the chicken off. I like really laying this rub on chicken, because some of it comes off during cooking. 
  • Repeat the process. I turned the chicken breasts over and seasoned the other side the same way. 
  • Set the chicken aside and mix up the mayoI took off my gloves and got a little bowl filled with mayo. I dashed in 7 or 8 drops of hot sauce, some of my Cajun Creole Garlic Butter Rub, and a little bit of Malcolm’s King Craw Cajun Seasoning. I mixed it up and put it in the refrigerator to let the flavors mingle together good. 
  • Spray the grill. I checked my temp and the grill was ready to roll. I sprayed the grates with a cooking spray to keep my chicken from sticking. 
  • Grill the chicken. Using tongs, I placed the breasts directly on the grate. I turned them every couple of minutes to help them cook evenly. 
  • Remove the chicken. The chicken only needed to cook for about 9 minutes. After that, I used my tongs and pulled it off the grill onto a pan. 
  • Let them rest. I left the chicken breasts laying on the pan for a few minutes. 
  • Build the best chicken sandwich, ever. Alright, it was time to assemble these sandwiches. I laid out my buns and spooned the spicy mayo I made onto the top and bottom of each one. I added the chicken, two slices of pepper jack cheese because, well, cheese has never ruined anything. I topped it off with a piece of lettuce and a slice of juicy tomato. 
  • Slice it up and eat it up. I cut this bad boy in half and took a big bite. 

The Results

I knew this sandwich was going to be flat-out tasty before I every bit into it. The sauce and spices smelled so good they were starving me to death. And I wasn’t wrong. It was the best Spicy Cajun Chicken Sandwich I have ever eaten. Juicy and tender with the right amount of herbs and spicy made every bite better than the last. The homemade spicy mayo and Pepper Jack cheese set everything off. This recipe really knocked it out of the ballpark. 

Serving Suggestions for the Spicy Cajun Chicken Sandwich

One tasty sandwich per person, folks. These sandwiches would go perfect with french fries, onion rings, or coleslaw. It’s a can’t miss!

Storing Instructions

Put any leftover sammies in a ziplock bag and store them in the fridge for 2-3 days. You can heat them back up in the microwave or on the grill. 

Equipment and Tools

Goldens' Cast IronVictorinox Fibrox Pro 6-inch Curved Boning KnifeThermapen OneRoyal Oak CharcoalRoyal Oak Tumbleweed Fire StartersSmall bowlDisposable cutting boardMetal tongsMetal pan

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