Wood Fired Pepperoni Pizza on the Alfa Pizza Oven

Woodfired Pepperoni Pizza on the Alfa Pizza Oven

Fire up the oven; it’s pizza night done right. My Woodfired Pepperoni Pizza features two types of cheese, a doughy crust and a sprinkle of my Garlic Butter Rub. It’s a common misunderstanding that homemade pizza takes time and effort. Not on my watch! This pizza cooks hot and fast, giving you a better result than any local pizza joint. 

Cooking the pizza with this fun method gives your food the ultimate char that pitmasters can’t get enough of. You’re left with a pizza infused with delicious smoke and fantastic flavor. Pizza night has never tasted better! 

Woodfired Pepperoni Pizza on the Alfa Pizza Oven

If you’ve never tried woodfired pizza before, you’re in for the time of your life. Many pizza connoisseurs think this method reigns supreme. If you like authentic Italian pizzas, you’ll love my Woodfired Pepperoni Pizza

The Ingredients

This gorgeous pizza comes together with just six ingredients. I used a lot of “shortcut” elements to keep this recipe easy and fun. Feel free to substitute the brands I use with your old stand-bys. Your kitchen, your rules

  • Heath Riles BBQ Garlic Butter Rub. This brilliant rub features multiple garlic notes and a little heat. You can use it on just about anything. I love adding it to steak, chicken, pizza, eggs, and even popcorn. One bottle goes a long way! 
  • Pizza dough. I purchased store-bought pizza dough for this recipe. There are many great options on the market, including frozen pizza dough, so pick the one you like best. If you prefer, you can always go the homemade route. 
  • Pizza sauce. Every good pizza needs sauce. I went with a store-bought sauce with plenty of spices. I look for sauces that include basil, parsley, garlic, or a blend of Italian seasonings. 
  • Mozzarella. I used shredded mozzarella and fresh mozzarella slices to give the pizza a full-bodied flavor. You can find both styles of cheese in any well-stocked grocery store. 
  • Sliced pepperoni. I wanted to create a pizza that’s universally friendly, so I went with pepperoni. I recommend thick pepperoni that holds up well in high-heat. Your local deli or butcher should have a variety in stock. 

The Pizza Oven Setup

Here’s a rundown of the main equipment I used to cook this pizza. You can find more of my grilling favorites in the Equipment and Tools section. 

  • Pizza oven. For this cook, I used the Alfa pizza oven. This setup holds four pizzas at once!  Despite its name, you can use it for much more than pizzas. It easily cooks fish, steak, meat, potatoes, and even flatbreads. I’m new to the world of pizza ovens, but my experience has been great, thanks to the Alfa.
  • Wood splits. For this cook, I used oak wood splits. Whole logs are a little large for this oven, especially considering that you’ll be moving the fire to the grate. You want something easy to manage, and wood splits do just that. I also added a few Royal Oak Tumbleweeds to get the fire roaring. 

The Process for Making Woodfired Pepperoni Pizza on the Alfa Pizza Oven

You can find a detailed demonstration of this recipe in the video and recipe card near the bottom of this post. Here’s a brief overview of how I pulled this decadent pizza together. 

  • Fire up the Alfa. First, I ensured the floor of my oven was clean. Then, I laid the wood splits in the oven parallel to the exhaust stack. I added a couple of Tumbleweeds and lit the fire. 
  • Move the fire. Once the fire was roaring, I used my handy tool to push it over to one side. I added a couple of larger pieces of oak wood to keep the fire going. I let the Alfa heat up to a range of 650℉-700℉. 
  • Assemble the pizza. While the oven heated, I rolled my pizza dough onto a wooden pizza paddle, then spread sauce over the top, followed by the shredded cheese. To finish the pizza, I topped it with sliced mozzarella and thick-cut pepperoni. 
  • Bake the pizza. I brushed off any ash from the bottom of the oven, then placed my pizza inside. I rotated the pizza every 15 seconds to get an even cook, with a total cook time of 90 seconds. To complete this recipe, I sprinkled the pizza with Garlic Butter Rub and sliced it evenly. The only thing left was to grab a bite! 

The Results

The pizza came out of the oven bubbly and golden. This two-minute pizza was full of woodfired flavor and had subtle oak notes woven throughout the crust. I like my pizza crispier, and this pie hit the spot. 

Serving Suggestions for Woodfired Pepperoni Pizza 

Serve this pizza with breadsticks (you can purchase them in the frozen section), a Caesar salad, and my Jalapeńo Margarita. 

Storing Woodfired Pizza

I can’t guarantee you’ll have any leftovers, but if you do, you can refrigerate them for up to four days. 

Equipment and Tools

Alfa pizza ovenAlfa wood splits,  Alfa pizza oven accessories, Royal Oak tumbleweeds, pizza cutter, wooden pizza paddle, Thermaworks Infrared Thermometer,  small sheet pan

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